I live in a tiny log cabin in the tiny mountain village Åre in northern Sweden together with my boyfriend Henrik. 

In early 2020 we moved from Stockholm, Sweden, 350 miles north to live in our dream village Åre. In March 2020 we found our dream house, a tiny but well planned log cabin situated on a hilly meadow, and a week into the quarantine we bought it.

This blog is about my life as a first time house owner and the road to living magical cabin life, with all the ups and downs that might include. It’s also a blog about trying to live a more sustainable, balanced and stress free life, something I strive to do after leaving my stressful corporate job as a designer in the end of 2019. And of course all the fun things that comes with owning a house like home decor projects, DIY’s, learning gardening and decluttering your entire life since when you live in the mountains and a tiny house you don’t need/can fit all your “city” clothes.

When I’m not writing this blog I run my own business Jenni’s Prints where I sell iron-on patches and pins. I also run my own SEO and web design business. 

I love to do cute illustrations, sew, dig in my garden and learn new things. 

I dream of writing horror short stories, sewing my own clothes, solving cold-case murders and turning my garden into a scene from Alice in Wonderland. 

You can follow me on Instagram @thelogcabinlady and on Pinterest at @jennisprints.