Paint swatches for our office/closet/guest room - Log Cabin Lady

Log Cabin Home Decor Mood Board

Owning a house (together with my boyfriend Henrik) is a really big deal to me. This is the first time I’ve ever owned property and to that, a dreamy log cabin situated in a beautiful meadow garden. Although the cabin is small with it’s 570 sq feet (53 square meters) it feels enormous compared to our 470 sq foot (44 square meters) apartment in Stockholm. 

My love of home decor

I’ve always loved home decor and it’s something that I definitely think is in my blood. My dad always loved decorating and his home was always filled with paintings and photographs his friends had made or he had taken. He was crazy creative and a magical guitar player and always encouraged me to draw, read or create. 

My mom has always had a really great ability to make any house feel like a cozy home where people want to be. She can turn any boring room into a warm place just with a few pieces of fabric and some paint. One of my favorite memories from growing up was when my mom and I would go to IKEA. We would each have a small budget and given IKEA´s prices $30 could feel like a million. We would buy fabric, cushions, some knickknacks and a new bedding set, never more than we could carry on the train back home. When we got home we would spend the entire evening sewing curtains or primping our rooms. Since then I’ve loved fabric and learned how easy it is to make a space feel completely different with only a few yards.

My sister June also really loves home decor, she loves pretty colors and cute home decor details and one of the prettiest things in her house is her rainbow bookshelf.

Paint swatches for our kitchen - Log Cabin Lady

Log cabin home decor inspiration

Despite the limited 570 sq feet, the ideas and dreams I have for our cabin are endless so I made a Pinterest mood board for my inspiration that you can see here.

I’m leaning towards an At Home With Amy Sedaris meets a Scandinavian Martha Stewart type of decor, translation = quirky and colorful farmhouse with lots of birch and pine furniture, which is basically all our furniture. I want our cabin to feel cozy with lots of fun knickknacks but still somewhat minimal so my main chore in life won’t be dusting all our things. At the same time I don’t want it to feel too kitschy which feels like a real easy hole to fall into when you’re decorating with a lot of bright and fun colors. I also want to make sure to have as many plants as I possibly can fit, I’m obsessed with pink geraniums and all types of green plants and when winter comes it’s always nice to be surrounded by plants to remind you of warmer days.

Window in our office/closet/guest room - Log Cabin Lady

Decorating on a budget 

Given that I just spent my life’s savings on the down payment for our house and the fact that being a small business owner during a pandemic doesn’t exactly equal a nice big salary (yet!?) I’ve decided to do what I know best – decorate on a budget. Paint and fabric will be my two best friends for the foreseeable future. I have some grand and colorful plans for the currently grey wood paneling in both bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom (!). 

Thankfully, the previous owners redid both the kitchen and the bathroom about two years ago and although a wood paneled bathroom is not on my list of dream bathrooms or practical ones for that matter, at least we don’t have to put any time into renovating. The kitchen is an IKEA kitchen with grey cabinets and surfaces, it’s not my style but I can’t justify spending money on changing anything until I have a more steady income. Also, I’m really trying my best not to buy anything that isn’t completely necessary at the moment.

The living room is the one room we’ll probably just leave as is, it’s wood paneled too but in the original pinewood that used to be throughout all of the house. It has a super cozy wood burning stove that I can’t wait to light every night or day when it get’s a bit chillier, both for the “ambiance” and getting some extra heat in that big room. The only thing really that we need to fix in the living room is getting the electrical sockets grounded, which is on my “list of all the boring things we really need to do”, I have a blog post coming up about that too. 

That’s it for now! Make sure to check out my Pinterest log cabin mood board and follow my day to day on my instagram @thelogcabinlady.


Hi, I'm Jennifer!
Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I live in a log cabin in the tiny mountain village of Åre in northern Sweden. I dream of living a creative and sustainable cabin life, doing lots of DIY, gardening and thinking of fun ideas for how to live my best mountain life.

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