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Three Things Friday – My goal to make 2020 end on a happy note!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about productivity and how to actually be productive without falling into a planning hole, something I’m awfully good at. A lot of the time I use planning as procrastination instead of actually doing the thing I’m planning, so I thought I would share the three things and goals I really want to pursue in these few last months of 2020, partly to keep myself accountable so that I’ll actually do it.

Happy Friday! This week it’s been 5 months since we got the keys to our cabin! I can’t believe how fast these first months have gone by. We still aren’t as settled or done with all the things I had on my goal list, like painting and unboxing, but last week I decided it will take as long as it takes. We have no plans on moving or selling any time soon, or ever, so if it takes me another year to repaint the kitchen then that’s how long it’s gonna take, although I really would like to paint it soon…hah!

Sew my own clothes

My goal for this year is to buy no fast fashion and so far it’s been going really well, originally part of that goal was to start sewing my own clothes, something that has been a dream of mine pretty much forever.

The absolute dream goal is to make my own fabric designs, patterns and then sew a few items of clothing from that, but I still feel like that goal is a few months or even years away and to not overwhelm myself, something I’m also really good at, I thought I would start small.

If you read my post about no fast fashion for a year you probably understood my frustration of buying or actually even finding sustainable clothing that also is affordable, especially underwear. I really love the brand Organic Basics, but as I’m currently on a small business owners salary in the middle of a global pandemic there just isn’t any way I’m spending my hard earned money on $25+ underwear, although I totally would if I could! 

So I’ve decided that the first step on my sewing journey is to sew underwear. Being the fabric hoarder that I am, in my defence I did spend a year working in a fabric store and got a gift card for my birthday, I have a bunch of cute fabrics, elastics and other stuff that I can use. I’m still considering if I should make my own pattern or simply buy one from Etsy, if you have any good pattern suggestions let me know in the comments below!

I’m really excited and even if I only end up sewing one pair of underwear I’ll be really proud of myself for finally getting to it

End of week reset Log Cabin Lady Yoga Time

Yoga every morning – almost

I started 2020 with a 100 day yoga challenge, and although I skipped a few days it was the first time that I ever managed to keep the habit of doing any type of exercise for more than a few weeks and still liking it. Since the challenge ended I’ve done yoga sporadically on mornings or when I felt like I needed to stretch, but not in any consistent way, until last week when I finally got back into doing yoga first thing in the morning.

Doing yoga in the morning, even if it’s just a ten minute stretch, makes me feel so good about myself, I feel strong and proud for taking the time to move my body and after a week I feel my balance and muscle coming back – yay. 

For the longest time my goal was to get fit and toned but since moving to Åre and realizing that you need strength and muscles to be able to walk up a mountain or get better at cross country skiing my perspective has shifted and I’ve started using the term movement instead of workout, a term that feels much more natural and sain. It’s also much more understandable that your body needs movement, a word that sounds much more positive than workout which, when you think about it, sounds really harsh.

Anyways! Enough of me ranting. Instead of doing yoga for a limited amount of time like 30 days or 100 days I thought I would try to do 10-40 minutes of yoga every weekday morning for as long as I possibly can. My goal is to move every day, keep it fun and as a thing I look forward to every morning, and if I get tired of yoga I can always switch to a different type of movement, as long as there’s a YouTube video of it. Here we go!

Log Cabin Lady - Three Things Friday - My Goals for the end of 2020 - Jennis-Prints-Midsommar-Pins

Get Jenni’s Prints website up and running!

For the last almost 9 years I’ve been running my business Jenni’s Prints where I sell patches and pins with various themes. I’ve mostly been selling on Etsy these past few years, but decided that it is time to finally get an awesome webshop up and running and have it be a place for me to sell both my products and my services as web designer, illustrator and SEO. 

My dream is to also add a blog to the website/shop and start writing about web design, running a small business and anything else I think fits. After I started this blog and really gotten into writing a few times a week I find that I want to write more and more about all the things that I’m doing. But for now the goal is to have a new design, shop and services pages up and running by the end of November which shouldn’t be impossible.

I also have some grand plans for a bunch of upcoming products I want to make. Products that are a bit of a crossover between Log Cabin Lady and Jenni’s Prints that I hope you all will enjoy! Stay tuned!

Do you have any goals for these last few months of 2020? Or are you just ready to be done with this year!? Me too! Let me know in the comments below!

Happy weekend!


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Hi, I'm Jennifer!
Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I live in a log cabin in the tiny mountain village of Åre in northern Sweden. I dream of living a creative and sustainable cabin life, doing lots of DIY, gardening and thinking of fun ideas for how to live my best mountain life.

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