Three Things Friday – We adopted a cat & garden ready for fall winter

Happy Friday! It’s been an exciting week in the log cabin and in the garden so let’s get right to this week’s Three Things Friday! 

We adopted a cat – Welcome Ozzy!

We adopted a cat! His name is Ozzy, he’s 8 almost 9 years old and is a beautiful grey house cat but looks almost exactly like a British Shorthair with his grey/blue fur and yellow eyes.


We had been wanting to get a cat ever since moving into our cabin since it’s great to have someone catch any potential mice in the house, but every time I saw an ad for a kitten it just didn’t feel right until one Saturday two weeks ago when I saw the ad for Ozzy.

His previous owner loved him so much but after having kids and having gotten a second cat he had stopped coming home at night and would run away whenever he had gotten a chance, so she saw no other way than to sell him. I fell in love instantly and emailed right away telling her about our living situation and lives and after 15 minutes she called me saying we could adopt Ozzy. 


As described by his previous owner Ozzy or Ozzy Clements that we now call him (I’ve always wanted a cat named Clements) is the cuddliest and cosiest cat I’ve ever met. As soon as we got home with him, he jumped out of the cage, walked around and jumped up in my lap where he laid the rest of the evening. Since then it’s been smooth sailing, he’s eating and pooping and this weekend we’ll take him outside so he’ll get to know the area and in a week or two we hope to be able to let him out on his own. 

I seriously could not be happier and have adopted the role as cat mom wholeheartedly, calling Henrik cat dad and my mom cat grandma, totally crazy cat lady in the making (or made – done). I love cats and have always wanted one but it just didn’t feel right having one being cooped up in our tiny Stockholm apartment not being able to go outside. So happy we waited and found the most magical cat in the world that now spends his days laying in mine or Henriks lap purring and snoring.


Visit from my parents

This week my mom and her boyfriend, I like to call him my stepdad, have been visiting. I hadn’t seen them since a social distancing hang with my sister in May and hadn’t hugged my mom since January! I haven’t been away from my mom in such a long time ever and it’s been so fun getting to hang out for an entire week and getting lots of help around the house and garden. The things you learn for parents! Like who knew you needed to remove the ashes from the wood burning stove!? News to me! 

We spent the week hiking around our area, eating good food, drinking wine, cuddling with Ozzy, putting up an IKEA closet and while Henrik and I’ve been working they’ve been prepping the garden for fall.


Garden ready for winter

Both my mom and step dad are avid gardeners and have a super cute allotment with a tiny house and very well manicured garden just outside my hometown where they spend most of their days now that they are retired and there’s a global pandemic going on. So when they came to visit and wanted to help out with our garden we of course said yes! 

Our garden is about 19.000 square feet (1800 square meters) and has never been tended to other than possibly lawn mowing and the occasional clearing saw to remove any weeds, so there’s quite a lot of work to be done. 

This summer we decided to start small and grow potatoes, kale, strawberries and onions in pallet collars, we also tried tomatoes and jerusalem artichokes which didn’t make it in our cold climate. It was such a treat getting to grow and eat your own veggies even if it was on a very tiny scale. For next year I have some grand plans that I’ll sit down and write about soon. 


But! Other than the pallet collars we didn’t get around to doing much more than a small flower bed, so there were a lot of things that needed to get done before it starts to snow, which it probably will in a week or two. Thankfully my parents are workhorses, one being a retired fireman and the other a postal service worker who’s used to biking 30 miles a day, they got to work instantly, moving rocks, filling holes in the ground and removing weeds and soil from the foundation of our cabin which can be damaging to the logs.

They also used all the leaves that they raked for leaf mold in our pallet collars, something I had no clue that you could do. By covering the pallet collars with leaf mold the soil continues to break down even in winter and worms and other organisms continue to thrive. The leaves also shields the soil and anything growing in it to freeze during winter and makes your soil happy and lasts way longer.

Together we also cut down the three mountain ash shrubs growing outside our kitchen and bedroom window and dug another flower bed next to them adding a pretty stone “wall” for decoration. My mom bought us heather flowers that she planted in the flowerbeds which now look so pretty and very fall-y! 

I’m so happy with the outcome and as much as I can’t wait for spring and to get started gardening, I love our garden so much in the fall too and now even more!

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below!
Happy weekend!


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Hi, I'm Jennifer!
Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I live in a log cabin in the tiny mountain village of Åre in northern Sweden. I dream of living a creative and sustainable cabin life, doing lots of DIY, gardening and thinking of fun ideas for how to live my best mountain life.

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